Nurturing a Gentle and Informed Birth Culture on Vancouver Island and Surrounding Gulf Islands

For thousands of years, people have had support before, during and after the birth of their children.  Whether it be for their first or fifth child, the reassurance of a helping hand can be very beneficial prior to and during childbirth. Doula companionship is also especially beneficial during the amazing transition time after birth, when breastfeeding is supported and the risks of postpartum depression are lowered.
Serena`s role as a Doula is to offer a helping hand, an open ear and loving heart to attend to the needs of the parent and child.

Serena provides reassurance and a holistic perspective to the birthing woman and her partner, making suggestions for birthing progress, and assisting with comfort techniques including relaxation, massage, positioning, and touch. As a Doula, she is independent and works for the birthing woman, not the medical caregiver or hospital.

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About Serena


   Birth Song Doula Services was officially founded in the Spring of 2010 by Serena Oliveira after having experienced a home birth with a Doula in 2008. She was compelled to be able to offer the same kind of loving care to other women within the community especially after noticing and experiencing the vast differences in healthcare options regarding birthing.

Serena has been studying childbirth for the last 6 years. In 2007 and 2008 she received her training as a Traditional Birth Attendant through two "Womb Wise Workshop" intensives, both hosted by indigenous women wanting to reclaim and bring back the wisdom and empowerment of natural childbirth into their communities. 

In the Fall of 2009 she received her "Wise Woman Way of Birth" Doula Certification with Gloria Lemay.

In August 2013 she attended SQUAT Fest, an innovative, accessible conference for birth workers of all varieties, organized by SQUAT Birth Journal at the historic Women’s Building in San Francsico. "The event featured both seasoned elders and emerging voices from within the birthing community and aimed to blend the sacred, the shamanic, and evidence based aspects of midwifery as represented by the publication. The conference had a strong focus on social justice as it relates to the reproductive experiences of  pregnancy and birth, and was intended to be an environment where midwives, doulas, and parents of all genders, colors, and walks of life could come together and explore the most pressing issues facing our communities at this time."  This event featured contemporary leaders in childbirth education and reproductive justice such as Makeda Kamara, Elizabeth Davis, Gail Hart, Mary Cooper, Whapio Diane Bartlett of the Matrona, Racha Tahani Lawler of The Community Birth Center, and Miriam Perez of

At Squat Fest Serena met Nekole Shapiro, who taught a workshop called "Get Your Oxytocin On", and was inspired to take one of Nekole's online courses.
In November 2013 she completed a 10 week online Holistic Peer Counseling for Birth and Parenting course taught by Nekole.  The focus of this technique is especially geared towards the perinatal period of life and parenting.  She since continues to practice the integration of these peer counseling skills and embodiment practices.

Serena is an advocate for people to have the best possible, most empowering birthing experience ~whether at home or in the hospital. Supporting women of all ages and backgrounds, Serena provides affordable and accessible quality of care at different stages before, during and/or after childbirth.

This involves a commitment towards providing high quality care and involves consistent honing of skill,  knowledge and awareness.

Serena also enjoys canoing, kayaking, hiking, crafting, playing, singing, having fun and wild-crafting her own herbal medicines (with the help of her kids), and studying traditional medicine and nutrition for holistic health and wellness.

Art Credits:
"Mandala for Peace": Betty Laduke, author of "Art for Heifer International" 
"Mother Moon Mandala":  Amy Swagman

"When the focus is on respecting the woman and nature, a birth becomes an awe-inspiring, poetic and empowering moment for the whole family. ALL individuals are born. And so by extension, it is a seminal moment for all humanity."

I couldn't and wouldn't practice obstetrics today without Doulas. They give me the confidence of knowing the [birthing] mother is not frightened or alone, and is always in the capable hands of a professional [birth] assistant. The quality and continuity of care should not be regarded as a "fringe benefit," "an extra," but as an essential and irreplaceable part of the birthing experience.

-Harlan Ellis, M.D. quoted in Special Women by Polly Perez